Sustainability and circularity as the default

We help fashion brands embed sustainability and circularity into their business model. We offer hyper-local alterations and repairs to make your clothes as unique as your customers. Reduce your returns, reduce your carbon footprint and improve LTV with Sojo.

I love how Sojo makes it effortless and fun for us and our community to give our clothes a longer life.

Sojo and GANNI work together to offer their London-based customers hyper-local alterations. By partnering with Sojo, Ganni is reducing environmental impact and also creating clothes that fit customers perfectly which will then be loved for longer.

64% of customer returns are due to poor fit

Offering tailoring as a post-purchase sizing solution allows your clothes to be as unique as your customers. Sojo works with seamsters to provide a plug and play eCom alterations solution that reduces your returns and increases LTV.

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Painless integration for your brand

Technical integration that can be done within a week

Our team of designers and developers work with you to create a beautiful integration for your website.  

Access our community of seamsters

Our community of seamsters are vetted to ensure that only high quality tailors complete your customer's order.

Our team pick up, deliver and run quality control on every Sojo alteration

We have a network of riders to pick up and drop off your customers' orders. We also have a dedicated customer service team to ensure that every customer is taken care of.

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A note on the data

At Sojo one of our core values is transparent sustainability, you can read more about that here.
PWC research cites 40% returns. From brands Sojo has worked with the average is greater than 50%. Body Lab research of 3,000 people states 64% of returns are due to poor fit.
Optoro's 2020 Retail Report states 2.8kg of carbon per return. NShift data from 2021 shows it costs an average of £20 to ship, store, repackage and discount returned items.